Welcome to Stories of Healing

This website was put in place to collect true stories from people and other social workers of how their contact with a social worker has helped them to create healing in their lives.  After being a social worker for 30 years and counting, I have seen miraculous things happen in people’s lives when there is a desire and commitment for positive change.  I know my colleagues have seen this too.  Sometimes these stories are big and involve a complete change in life circumstances, or community, and sometimes it is a seemingly small change that brings about a much larger sense of peace.  Sometimes the stories show the strengths that were there all along and just unrecognized and forgotten.  The beauty of this work is that there are so many ways in which healing can, and does, take place.

Sharing these stories is a powerful way to instill hope and remind ourselves of what is possible.  A wonderful aspect of this work is that it not only effects the life of the person seen directly, but also the lives of the people they touch.  In sharing these stories we are celebrating the resilience of the human spirit!

As the stories come in, they will be compiled into book form.   I am asking that any stories shared have information for future contact in case there are any more questions, and to confirm that the information re-configured into story form is accurate and in keeping with the intention of the person who submitted the story.  As social workers we are of course required to maintain confidentiality so specific identifying information will have to be omitted or changed to honor that, with the exception of someone who wants to reveal their identity in their own story.

In the Tell Your Story section there are questions to get you started .  You can answer them directly or feel free to tell your story in your own way, providing any details that you feel are important.  Of course, you are also welcome to send your story in your own way via email at lauriesterling@gmail.com.

If you prefer to tell your story in person, over the phone, or via Skype, this would be welcomed as well.

When the book is completed, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Women For Women International.